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Coffee and Fellowship: 11:30 am
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Holy Communion

communionpicDecorah Congregational UCC offers Holy Communion throughout the year, including the first Sunday of each month.

Communion is served by both laity and clergy and everyone is invited to the table to receive it.  We usually serve communion by intinction.  As you come forward toward the altar, the communion server will hand you a piece of bread which you then dip in the juice (symbolic of wine),and then you may partake of the both elements at once.  If you are unable to come forward, we serve communion to you in your seat.

Communion a sacrament of the church, a special practice of opening ourselves to God’s grace and an expression of unity with each other as we gather around one table.  All are welcome to receive communion without regard to church membership or belief.


I haven’t been baptized.  May I still receive communion?

Absolutely, you may.  Just as God’s grace and love is available to all people, so to is communion.


May children receive communion?

Absolutely, they may. Even from a young age, children connect with God in beautiful, sacred ways.  The experience of communion can be a place for nurture.  Participation in communion with the church also reinforces the sense of their belonging and being an integral part of the body of Christ.


Does the church provide communion for those who cannot come to worship on Sundays?

We would love to bring communion to your place of residence in the event that you cannot come to worship.  Please let the pastor know if you or someone you know is home-bound or hospitalized and would like to receive communion.


Why is juice used rather than wine?

In practicing communion where everyone, everyone, everyone is welcome at the table, we use juice so that people who have faced addiction are able to fully participate.  Just as wine is, the grape juice is a symbol of Jesus’s life and God’s grace that continues to be present in our lives today.